Thursday, January 29, 2009


On Monday my little guy turned 3. The only thing he asked for was "chocolate cake". Lucky boy got that and much more. Thank you everyone!

He already seems older in just a few short days ... like no longer needing Mommy to push him on the swing to go up and down. It all goes too fast!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I hope I always remember from 2008 ...

  • The big words DS uses correctly on a regular basis (for an under 3 year old) like fantastic, actually, similar to, specifically ... and many more.

  • DS carrying around packs of gum and offering them to everyone even though he has never tried gum himself and is convinced that he must be 6 years old to try it.

  • How DS would rather go on a time out then eat a grilled cheese sandwich (is he crazy or what?)

  • How DS actually believes McDonalds stopped making french fries.

  • DS pushing a truck around the house all day long.

  • DS being picked up in order to see the trains at the Train Expo.

  • DS telling me he "love me to pieces.".

  • DS eating baby food. (yes, he still loves sweet potatoes, LOL)

Now that 2009 is here, DS will be 3 years old in just a couple short weeks. I never want to forget my 2 year old. The above and MANY MANY MORE memories. He brings me so much joy!

Happy New Year everyone!!!