Friday, September 24, 2010

All dressed up and no where to go!

I am thrilled that my kiddos recently found a new interest in the dress-up bin I began putting together for them over a year ago. It was last winter when I was looking for fun indoor activities and began putting discarded costumes, Daddy's old ties, tu-tu's and all those themed party favors (IE: Engineer hats, leis, firefighter hats, etc.) into one big bin. I have to admit, I was quite disappointed that my kids didn't take to it like I had hoped. But, trust me, it didn't keep me from buying clearence items through out the year - a $2 clearence Easter hat from Sears, a $5 western hat from Gymboree, large $3 black ballet shoes from Target, etc.). Don't you sometimes just love that saying, "it is all about the timing"?! Ha!

These kiddos have been playing with it every day since rediscovering it last weekend after my regular quarterly rearranging of the play room (if you don't already do this you need to ... it is amazing to see the things they will rediscover and/or find new ways to play with).

And, you know, I have always thought E had a flair for the dramatics and (for) now she has found a (constructive, creative) way to share it! I love seeing their fun, silly, creative outfits and best of all, watching their creative minds play out in make-believe-play (off to the hotel for lunch, going to exercise, off to work, ....). Oh, and must not forget, something they will actually play together *sigh*. My year long effort to create a wonderful dress up bin has paid off - HOORAY!!!! What's next?