Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shout Outs!

A BIG FIRST BIRTHDAY shout-out to our pretty and sweet Miss FA!!! Lots of HUGS & KISSES from our family to yours.

A BIG shout-out to my DH. He is the most patient, loving, giving and generous husband. I Love You So Much,
Your AD (Adoring Wife)!

You have ever heard of hymn?

When I say hymn, I mean, him ... Jadon Lavik?

DH gets in my car a few months ago and after listening for one minute asks me "What is this"? Since I can't quite read into the inflection of his voice (was it, "what is this?") I ask "Why?" He replies, "I like it!". Woo Hoo, something DH and I agree on. I must admit, we have very different taste in music and to actually both agree on something is definitely something to talk about.

I first heard Jadon Lavik sing at Treasured, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA's version of MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers). His voice is soulful, comforting and up-lifting. He is not like many modern day Christian "rocker" types. He is more about the acoustic Christian hymms you would hope to find in church or a relaxing coffee house. My favorite on "Life on the Inside" CD is track 1 and 2.

You can order his CD on his website: Jadon Lavik or if you are in Southern California you can pick up a copy at Sonshine Bookstore or check out his tour dates & locations on his website (He had locations from CA to NY).

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not just with dessert!

That is exactly what 4 of my close gal pals said at my Wine Club dinner last week when they tried the Four Vines 2002 Zin/Syrah Port. This is the most delicious dessert wine even the most "non-sweet wine" drinker can drink but still enough flavor for the discerning Dessert Wine lover.

After being intrduced to this wine by my good friend SS a few months ago, I bought my first 3 bottles directly from the The Four Vines Winery (after calling 5 local wine stores to find out that they did in fact carry Four Vine Wines, just not that Four Vine Wine). I was thrilled when I found out my neighborhood Bacchus Wine Cellar in Irvine, CA is now carrying it!!! I think me and my two best wine lover friends (SS & KC) bought the entire first shipment or at least close to it.

Did you know? As a rule of thumb a dessert wine should always be sweeter then the dessert it accompanies? Not sure I agree with that.

Learning through play is the fun way!

I took DS to the new Elmo Body Exhibit today at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA. It is an interactive exhibit that teaches children about how their bodies work and how to keep them heatlhy. The "educational" aspect may have been a little over my DS's 13 month old brain but the "play" aspect was much closer to his capabilities (although some what difficult with out Mommy helping). He ran, walked, spun, pulled, pushed and jumped his way through the activities & had a blast the entire time. I give it a thumbs up! It is definitely an Exhibit Preschool age children would enjoy.

The Discovery Science Center also houses Dino Quest Center, KidStation, Quake Zone and more! The trip was very pleasant and exciting for Mommy too since she also had a Mommy-pal to chat with during some of the activities.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

So what is so great about hanky panky?

Oh please, you didn't think I would talk about that on a family friendly site? Seriously, did you?

I am talking about those wonderful panties my girlfriends told me I had to get. Who would have thought that a House Wife/SAHM needed a pair of $18 undies?! And who would have known that my Cosabella underwear were already "so last year". LOL!

DH was all on board with me buying these $18 panties once I told him I would use the Nordstrom gift card I still had from my sweet In-Laws (well, I think it was that and the combination of the name of the panties that intriqued him. LOL!). But really, $18 panties for a Mommy that spends most her time going to the Park and cleaning up goldfish off the ground.?!? I must admit, I was skeptical but since I trust my two great gal pals that recommended them so highly, I went out and bought a pair the next day.

So, are they worth all that?

YES!!!!!! They are wonderful. They don't get twisted, they are SUPER soft & comfy, they don't show panty lines but best of all (for my child bearing body) - the don't squish the fat on your sides because they are soft wide stretchy lace on the sides.

My DH used this site to buy my Cosabella's (so last year) for my Christmas stocking. They are a bit cheaper then Nordy's, you also save on tax and they ship quickly. They carry all the colors. Check them out at A Brief Affair. I chose the low ride thongs but they have many styles & colors to chose from.

So ladies, single and married, go get yourself some "Hanky Panky" tonight, you will not be disappointed.

To "lovey" or not to "lovey"?!

DS's love for "Mr. Brown Bear" grows stronger every day.

Is this normal?

Is this healthy?

These are questions I started to ask myself recently as he becomes more and more attached to his lovey ("Mr. Brown Bear"). At one year old he already says "brow brow" when he wants him or he can't find him. Mr. Brown Bear comforts him when he goes to sleep at night, takes a nap, falls down, faces backwards alone in the back seat, goes some where new, spends the night at Grammy & Papa's house, and more! It is his best friend.

I must say after reading more and talking to other mother's that have children with loveys (Georgie, Brother and Baby) I am feeling much better about it and fully support this lovey thing. I say let your child "lovey". The professionals even call it a "milestone". It is a step towards your child learning how to "self soothe" themselves and handle transitions/changes easier.

How many Mr. Brown Bears do we own? Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell DS! We have FOUR! These things get brought every where and are constantly in his mouth. so I am washing several a day to keep them clean. Except for his occasional over night stays at Grammy's house, he only gets one. We keep the others hidden. But at Grammy and Papa's house he has two. I guess if you are going to spoil your Grandchild there is no better way then giving him TWO Mr. Brown Bears at once. Boy, does he love it!

Parent.Com article on Lovey's
Additional article on Lovey's

To lovey or not to lovey .... what do you think?

Are his cheeks always that red?

Any mother with a teething or sick child knows about the challenge of keeping their child's chubby cheeks from being chapped. Aquaphor is our best friend .... it is a miracle ointment!!! I rub that ointment all over his cheeks before his nap or bed time and when he wakes up they are clear again. We love it. He doesn't complain when we put it on (that makes it a miracle ointment in itself!).

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who doesn't like First Birthday parties?!

So DS (Darling Son) has now officially been to 5 "First Birthday" parties. Not too shabby for a kid that isn't even 13 months yet.

As with most First Birthday parties: The adults out numbered the children. The food was pizza. The cake was white not chocolate. The child entertainer sung songs in an animated way only certain people feel comfortable doing. The Birthday Girl wore a fancy dress.

But what wasn't usual for a First Birthday: The Birthday Girl was happy the entire time. She never cried. She stayed awake. She ate her cake. She didn't hit her head, fall down or ruin her outfit. She was a perfect angel. But we were not surprised, we love her so much.

A site that saved us a litle money on our over-priced DS's First Birthday Party (aren't all First Birthday parties over-priced?!) was WOW, almost as bad as Target though .... so many cheap things and great deals you can't check out of the web site with out spending a $100! :) But if you are looking for some fun (inexpensive) ways to add to the theme of your child's Birthday party you must look there. We got race car pinatas, checkered flag toothpicks for the cupcakes, chocolate cars, racing car playing cards and more. (I added the link to the left hand side under "links").

PS DS was most excited about the cookies he got to take home.