Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7 down 2 to go

I walked down stairs this morning in my jammies and immediately upon seeing me (before a good morning, before a hello ... ) ...

DS: "Wow, Mommy, your tummy is getting big.".

Me: "I know.".

DS: "Pretty soon the baby is going to break it.".

DS still looking at my tummy in amazement

DS: "And the Dr. is going to have to fix it ... (long pause) ... with tape.".

And to think, I still have 2 months for this tummy to keep growing, I am thinking tape sounds much easier then the working out I have ahead of me ... and besides that, DS is going to still think the baby is in there anyway when he sees how big the post baby tummy is. Oh, the joys of pregnancy.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday Mommy!

Like all stay at home mothers the 5:00pm hour is probably my most challenging with the kids. That is why on days when my DH won't be home for dinner, bath and bedtime I will often treat the kids and myself to dinner out for less mess and a change of scenery. One of my favorite choices is Chick-fil-A. The kids love the food, it is affordable and they have a fun play zone to burn off their last bit of energy.

On our most recent trip to Chick-fil-A I noticed DS eyeing with wide eyes all the kids getting balloons and ice cream while we were getting ready to leave. We had already eaten our dinner and we had already played in the play area. I knew what question was about to come out so before he asked I decided to beat him to the punch and said, "if you go potty we can get an ice cream". (okay, cheating a bit, this preggo lady was looking for an excuse to get an ice cream and DS was already doing the pee pee dance, lol) His eyes lit up. After a quick potty break I ordered a chocolate shake (no, I didn't give him a choice, I let the baby in my tummy pick this time). I split it up into 3 cups and the 3 of us sat down in a booth enjoying our chocolate shake after a good dinner and a fun time in the play area ... and if his huge smile on his face wasn't enough (the smile that makes his eyes sparkle even more and every bit of frustration I had with him that day completely disappears) he leans across the table, looks straight into my eyes and with his red balloon tied around one wrist and his chocolate shake in the other hand he says in his sweetest 3 year old voice, "thank you Mommy, this is like a birthday party!".

Awwwwwwwwwwww, not only does he melt my heart from showing his gratitude but he makes me feel proud knowing he thinks of these moments as special (as special as a "birthday party") because I can't lie there are those days when DH is away and I'm exhausted and I wonder after I put them down for bed - did I let them watch too much TV today? did I give them too many treats today? did I give in too much today? (in other words, **mother guilt, mother guilt, mother guilt**)

Nah, he just made me hope that the balance I strive for is still there even on the long(er) days.
(or maybe I should just say, at least on this day, and leave it at that!).