Monday, April 28, 2008

Who is skinny?

Not me. Since I am a Mom to a newborn I have decided that sleep deprivation is a good enough reason not to exercise yet. Please don't get me wrong - I do consider strolling around the neighborhood, carrying two kids up the stairs many times a day, changing an average of 15 diapers a day, etc. all exercise. It just isn't the type of exercise I need to burn off this extra baby weight. I keep telling myself that the time after giving birth should be the new definition of "babymoon". While I think the new addition into 2007's Webster's Dictionary of "babymoon" is quite important I still think I prefer my definition better.

It would read something like this:

babymoon: the time immediately after which you have given birth but before you starve yourself to try to fit your moon (bum) into the designer jeans you once owned, in other words, the time immediately following child birth when you believe nursing is a good enough reason not to diet and enjoying every minute of your scone each morning instead.

Okay, so back to my question, who is skinny? (Boy, it is quite easy to get off topic isn't it???) I am talking about the Skinny Marinky Dinky Doo! Anyone know who skinny is? Skinny Marinky is the catchy preschool rhyme (yes, DS and I have graduated from nursery rhymes to preschool rhymes). This catchy preschool ryhme even has this hop-hop loving Mommy (me) humming her way to sleep each night (um, humming during her sleepless nights is more like it).

So, I looked it up (gotta love Google!). It is from a Canadian children's television show "Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show".

The show is no longer is on TV but I am not going to hold it against the Canadian's for no longer producing the wonderful TV show since the new Canadian television series "Super Why" is DS's favorite show on television!!!

If you aren't quite sure what song I am talking about link here to hear Skinny Marinky Dinky Doo . It is Track #7 and #25. And hey, not feeling like such an old housewife now. If you notice, I found the song and lyrics on WooHoo! Or does that just mean that is for *old* housewives now?! Ugh, can't seem to keep up with these kids now-a-days!

So if you take the time to link to the Silly Songs Album Track please tell me which Preschool rhyme is your favorite? Do your ears hang low? There's a hole in the bucket? Awwwwwwwwww, the joys of Motherhood and I thought crazy lyrics were no longer in my life when I stopped going to the clubs! LOL!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't it make your brown eyes blue?

I swear this girl was born with brown eyes. It brought a big smile to my face that we would have a blue-eyed boy like his Daddy and a brown-eyed girl like her Mommy. One week later her eyes appeared blue ... 7 weeks later they still appear blue. I do know that a baby's eye color can change at any time but in the meantime her once brown eyes are now bright blue! What makes me giggle even more is that I too am one of those parents that talks about what color they once were ... seems like there is an entire population of parents that like to always comment on their child's eye color at birth. When DS was born it was pretty obvious what color his eyes were and what color they would be and I always kinda chuckled at the silly ways parents talked about their child's eye color at birth (only because I didn't have the same experience of it changing colors) ... and now here I am, not just talking about it but even blogging about it! LOL!!! I guess there is no escaping certain parental habits ... what's next, sounding just like your parents?! Ha!

(The picture is from last night's bath time with Daddy. DH is continuing the tradition of his special time with the kiddos and gives her a bath each night (after giving DS a bath, reading to him and putting him down for bed). I adore that my DH loves this tradition. There is nothing better then seeing your husband and kids having fun together).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moving on ...

It is fitting that we have sold our townhome and moved into our new home during Springtime. The time of the year of rebirth and good-byes. I feel truly happy and blessed to be in a new home with more room and a small yard but can't help to feel the loss of a place that holds so many dear memories to us.

The process of unpacking is long and hard but I find enjoyment in some it. In between all the boxes of neccesities and household items I need to unpack I am getting side-tracked by all the wonderful memories I am stumbling upon, such as, my sororitiy composites, plastic boxes of coins from my travels, big-hair pictures from the '80's, old letters/cards, etc. And if the memories aren't enough, there are those objects that make you wonder - why on earth have I been holding onto Political Science lecture notes from 1991? or a faded .99 cent frisbee? Are they attached to a memory I can no longer recall? Or was it just an over-sight during my past moves? Aw, the joys of moving! Ha!

Happy Springtime, Welcome Change!

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring. ~Bern Williams