Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall time fun!

Since I haven't shared many recent pictures of my DS recently I thought I would post DS with his favorite person in the world at the pumpkin patch yesterday ... his cousin Kay-ya (his pronounciation of his cousins name, MA). He absolutely adores her.

Loving my new curve(s)!

First off, sorry for the lack of posts. Pregnant while caring for an active toddler keeps me pretty busy. I am happy to say though, I am feeling better and better every day.

Secondly, yes, my Blog is still getting a face-lift. All I can say is that two pregnant women caring for toddlers makes for a lengthy process for design, edits, approvals, etc. But I have seen a sneak peek and it is going to be FABULOUS. So, please, stay tuned. I am hoping my face-lift gives me that boost to start blogging more. I really miss hearing my self ramble! :)

Lastly, I love me new curve(s). Yes, pregnancy is hard and really does a number on your body but .... oops, NO, I am not talking about those curves (not sure you can even call the extra fat curves), I am talking about my new Blackberry Curve. Please tell me you are not wondering why a SAHM needs a Blackberry?! Come on, we have just as many dates, times, events, contact numbers and the such to keep organized. I feel like I am failing every day with my Mommy organization but if I do forget my handy dandy sexy Blackberry Curve is by my side so I can "look it up"! I also couldn't help getting the newest addition to the Blackberry Curve family ... the RED one. Now that is certainly something I would have felt uncomfortable carrying in my "professional" life but now I just adore it! I had no idea just how new and sought after the red one was when the salesman offered it to me. I didn't see any out in the store and he had to say he "might have one in back if I was interested". I think it must have been my just-let-out-of-a-cage uncontrollable desire to chat with another adult that I found the need to go into great details about my past career in wireless dating all the way back to L.A. Cellular. Or do you think he thought I was a secret shopper? :) Did you know the new Blackberry Curve has full GPS? So even though my car is 10 years old I can now say "I too have GPS in my car"! Oh yea, and just in case I forget my dear camera it has a 2mp built in camera, woohoo, more pics of my DS!!! :)

Anyway, loving the new curve(s) and while I debated the iPhone I ultimately decided that I was a Blackberry kind of girl!