Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who is the older one in this marriage ??? ...

I was cleaning out old emails today and came across this one. At Christmas time I asked DH to give me a list of some ideas of what he would like for Christmas. He emailed me this list, the subject line read "list":

Tie Case
Shoe Trees
Noise Canceling headphones
plasma TV
Gray pinstripe suit

exercise shorts
Rubber thongs, like the ones I lost
Wall painting
So, how old do you think he is?? LOL!!! I just *adore* my DH, he makes me smile, always!

(BTW, the picture below of my sweet DH is from DS's 2 year appointment. They do bloodwork to test their iron & lead levels, as well as, cholestrol. DS got a "very healthy" report back (in only 3 minutes I should add - gotta love state of the art equipment). But isn't Daddy just the sweetest man ever?? He was kissing his head and whispering to him what the nurse was "about to do to his toe (take blood, blah blah blah)", the nurse finally let out a chuckle and said, "I already did it. I am already done.". DH and I got a good laugh. She gave us a nice compliment and said our family is a lot of fun & certainly had a great time even in the Doctor's office! Oh, and am I the only one that takes pictures while there??? heehee)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

34 weeks and two days ... but who's counting?!?! :)

An opportunity to use my wireless remote today (the one DH got me for Christmas this year)!

Note to self: DS is more interested in the wireless remote then his baby sister in Mommy's "big tummy"! What am I getting into???

I felt brave today, maybe it is because DH is off for MLK tomorrow and I get another day to nap ... but what ever the reason, I finally took my first bare belly picture today:

And yes, I am short, but DS hasn't caught up to me that fast ... yet! I am kneeling on the floor in this picture.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't eat the Tempura!

DS is really into painting now. I am lucky if I can make it to 9:00am before he is asking every 5 minutes if we can paint. I actually don't mind and have been enjoying it myself!

A little tip I learned back in my Preschool teaching days ... add a little dish soap to the Tempura paint to help wash away the paint and alleviate staining. It is not a guarantee but certainly it does help. I did take the time to look it up on-line to verify that it does work since my Preschool teaching days were over 15 years ago, YIKES! Everything I read did verify that it is still a good practice to mix dish soap with Tempura paint to help prevent staining ... also, an additional suggestion, DS's Nina (Godmother) gave him little plastic containers with a paintbrush size hole to dip the brushes in (see picture) to help prevent spilling. They also come with handy lids to help prevent drying (you will still want to use the paint within the next day or so since one the benefits of Tempura paint is that it is dries fast so try your best not to over-pour the Tempura paint from the get-go).

Oh, and I know, my posts have been very kid focused this last month. I have been really focused on spending all my time with DS before his sister arrives soon. I plan on sharing other fun stuff soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I *heart* my new bounce flash!

Oh my gosh, I am in love ... after struggling for the past year to get a great indoor candid snap-shot of DS (because of lack of natural light in our ever-so-small-attached-on-two-sides townhome) we finally went and purchased a bounce flash! We got it late yesterday afternoon so my only time to play with it was after dinner and bath time but we got it for exactly what I used it for last night. That is, to get great candid snap-shots of DS doing his every day activities (coloring, reading, play-doeugh, painting, etc.). This was actually a snap-shot worthy moment as it was his first time brushing his teeth all on his own. We struggled with a crying, squirmmy boy for almost two years as we struggled to brush his teeth. We stayed consistent, often asked if he wanted to brush them himself, tried many recommendations from other parents and today was the first day he asked if he could brush his teeth ... first after lunch and then again yesterday evening. Let's hope this new trend continues, so far it has continued today. (I hope posting this doesn't jinx it!)

I can not believe the bounce flash works so well even with our two story high vaulted ceilings (I bounced the light off the ceiling in this one) but I am thrilled with the results - no over exposed eyes, washed out skin, etc. I did nothing to this picture but cropped out DH (LOL!). Watch out, next time you see me with my dear camera indoors you might have to look around to find me, DH says it is hysterical looking (quite large) and my dear camera now completely covers my face (wow, double use in one, great indoor pics and something to hide my bloated pregnant face that has already started! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Facing Fear

DS is afraid of heights, so is DH. I have always been a little afraid of heights too but not in the debilitating way I was when pregnant with him. I would even exit one off-ramp earlier to avoid an overpass near our home. It was crazy. Now I must admit I am not too uncomfortable with his fear. I love being able to sit at the park and not worry that my Toddler is going to run right to the top and tumble down one of the open spaces. I enjoy taking a sip of my water while I see other Mom's rushing to try to catch, stop, yell, yank on their brave toddlers before going over the edge.

However, I have been quite proud (& a bit surprised) at how brave and courageous he has gotten in the last couple weeks. 85% of the time he still asks, "Mommy come too" when venturing to the top (which is still much better then the "no, no, no" he used to say when I asked if he wanted to go up) and the other 15% of the time he will brave it with Mr. Brown Bear only (if you look closely you will see Mr. Brown Bear in his hand). I am one proud Mommy ... okay, so it takes a little to make Mommy proud! :)

My DH is so afraid of heights I think he even got a little nervous when I just showed him this picture but like Mommy, DH was also quite proud (& surprised) of our little guy facing his fear.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So ....

What do you think? Like the brown, pink and blue! Would love to hear from you all ... you can comment without using an URL or email!

Stay tuned ....

My new Blog "look" is coming soon ... some time this week it will be up for everyone to see!!! Keep checking back!!! Just a reminder, all previous comments on my Blog will no longer be available but you will be able to post comments again (and one of my favorite parts about blogging is getting the sweet comments from you all).

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I hide Mommy!

DS is hiding behind the small tree, can you see him?!? LOL!!!

Happy rainy day to us!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Clutter Control Calling

I thought about asking our priest if you still have to make a New Year's resolution if you're pregnant? I mean, I don't have to fast, I get to eat meat on Fridays during lent ... so don't you think pregnant ladies should get a pass on having to make resolutions for the New Year?!?!

Okay, I think I am joking , I mean, at least only half-way joking! :) But at least I know I definitely don't have to include the obligatory resolution of losing 15 lbs. So this year I searched for the next best thing ... instead of losing weight, I will lose things. To be specific ... things creating clutter around me. I started this project a few days ago by first attacking my closet and have already made one drop off at The Goodwill but now that I am on a roll I am anxious to attack DH's closet next, DS's thereafter and of course there is the kitchen, desk, linen closet, nightstand drawers ... and do a dare say ... GARAGE!!! Actually, I think GARAGE should be on DH's resolution list. I think I will wait to mention that tomorrow though. He was sweet enough to let me take a nap today while he cleaned the kitchen, played with our DS and cooked dinner. Oh and he also reminded me that I got to start the New Year with breakfast in bed ... the best home-made pancakes I have ever had with real maple syrup, mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Happy New Year to me! I think he is just trying to butter me up (yes, pun intended) for the arrival of our new bun in the oven (yes, another pun intended!) ... he knows all too well that I am entering the no-sleep, no-rest zone very soon.

So, please share your New Year's resolutions!!! And I want to hear from all of you this time, I know you're reading, yes, I do have a site meter on here, so please, will you post in the New Year!!! Thanks in advance!

Oh and I do have other resolutions too but I much rather hear yours!


I can not believe how fast this year has gone ... 2008 is here!!! I hope you all enjoyed a safe and fun night ... if you are like us, you are enjoying football, food and relaxing today!!!

A recent fave of DS (I can't believe he is turning two at the end of this month, we are getting excited for his little sister to arrive!!!):