Sunday, January 13, 2008

I *heart* my new bounce flash!

Oh my gosh, I am in love ... after struggling for the past year to get a great indoor candid snap-shot of DS (because of lack of natural light in our ever-so-small-attached-on-two-sides townhome) we finally went and purchased a bounce flash! We got it late yesterday afternoon so my only time to play with it was after dinner and bath time but we got it for exactly what I used it for last night. That is, to get great candid snap-shots of DS doing his every day activities (coloring, reading, play-doeugh, painting, etc.). This was actually a snap-shot worthy moment as it was his first time brushing his teeth all on his own. We struggled with a crying, squirmmy boy for almost two years as we struggled to brush his teeth. We stayed consistent, often asked if he wanted to brush them himself, tried many recommendations from other parents and today was the first day he asked if he could brush his teeth ... first after lunch and then again yesterday evening. Let's hope this new trend continues, so far it has continued today. (I hope posting this doesn't jinx it!)

I can not believe the bounce flash works so well even with our two story high vaulted ceilings (I bounced the light off the ceiling in this one) but I am thrilled with the results - no over exposed eyes, washed out skin, etc. I did nothing to this picture but cropped out DH (LOL!). Watch out, next time you see me with my dear camera indoors you might have to look around to find me, DH says it is hysterical looking (quite large) and my dear camera now completely covers my face (wow, double use in one, great indoor pics and something to hide my bloated pregnant face that has already started! :)

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