Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who is the older one in this marriage ??? ...

I was cleaning out old emails today and came across this one. At Christmas time I asked DH to give me a list of some ideas of what he would like for Christmas. He emailed me this list, the subject line read "list":

Tie Case
Shoe Trees
Noise Canceling headphones
plasma TV
Gray pinstripe suit

exercise shorts
Rubber thongs, like the ones I lost
Wall painting
So, how old do you think he is?? LOL!!! I just *adore* my DH, he makes me smile, always!

(BTW, the picture below of my sweet DH is from DS's 2 year appointment. They do bloodwork to test their iron & lead levels, as well as, cholestrol. DS got a "very healthy" report back (in only 3 minutes I should add - gotta love state of the art equipment). But isn't Daddy just the sweetest man ever?? He was kissing his head and whispering to him what the nurse was "about to do to his toe (take blood, blah blah blah)", the nurse finally let out a chuckle and said, "I already did it. I am already done.". DH and I got a good laugh. She gave us a nice compliment and said our family is a lot of fun & certainly had a great time even in the Doctor's office! Oh, and am I the only one that takes pictures while there??? heehee)

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