Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Definitely his father's son

My DS loves chocolate ... as much as his Chocolaholic father (my DH). I don't think I even fully fell in love with chocolate until I began dating DH. I mean, I always liked good chocolate and brownies of course but I still think there were many other desserts I ranked higher then chocolate (such as Ice Cream, Cheesecake, etc.). But now I adore chocolate and can keep up with the best of the chocoholics. The big 2 year old DS will ask at 6:45am for "chocolate please", no joke!

OK, why all this talk about chocolate ... tis' the season for yummy chocolate goodies and I thought I would remind you of last year's Easter post that See's Candies sells out of the dark chocolate nuts and chews pretty darn fast! (Is my DH reading this?) And if you don't care about dark vs. milk check out their entire Valentine's chocolate selection. DS will definitely be getting something from this selection!!

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