Thursday, March 08, 2007

Life is as good as a box of (dark) chocolates

Did you know that the wonderful See's Candies now carries a box of all Dark Chocolates? I think this box has now passed my old favorite: the Nuts & Chews (which I still consider one of the best boxes of assortment chocolates). I thought this was a good time to remind you about the wonderful chocolates by See's Candies since we are coming upon Easter time.

My Mom always loves a great sale but when it came to our Easter baskets she never skimped on the Chocolates. Our baskets were always filled with WONDERFUL chocolate eggs and various chocolate bunnies from Sees (no grocery store bought chocolate for our kiddie baskets). I have kept this tradition going in my own family. (DH certainly made out last year since DS was much too young to eat his).

If you want the box of Dark Chocolates for Easter gifts (by the way, they make the perfect Host gift) you better get them fast. DH told me all the Valentine wrapped boxes of Dark Chocolates were gone prior to Valentine's Day. But lucky me, unlike his coworkers, he got me the plain white wrapped box of Dark Chocolates instead of the Valentine wrapped box of Assortment chocolates. I was thrilled.

Did you also know that Consumer Reports rates chocolates? See's Candy (even though considered to be a very small player in the chocolate industry) always gets mentioned as one of the best in the smaller brand category?!?! Gesh, what us Californians take for granted!?

Oh, almost forgot my great deal tip ... you can buy 1lb. certificates at discounted prices from Costco and redeem them for 1 lb. boxes at any See's Candy store (dark chocolate boxes included). They also ship to any where in the U.S. with gift cards included. I know this because my sweet sister TC sent our family a wonderful box for Valentine's Day this year (last year she sent us the other ever so popular & absolutely addicting Moose Munch from Harry and David.

(PS I choose the picture of Scotchmallows for my wonderful friend DM. Those are her favorite See's Candies)


KR said...

okay so i love chocolates as much as the next girl but your blog is killing my diet! :) everytime i log on and see that delicious looking box of sees it makes me want to march right to the pantry and get a treat! what about a posting about water, fruits and veggies?

traceemullen said...

Oh, how I love See's Chocolate! I will take your advice and fill the baskets with some "good" stuff this year. No more grocery store choc? Okay!

cezavitske said...

Any idea of a See's retailer in Canada? I have never heard of them before - I bet we can't even get them up here. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Scotchmarlows are my fav! Im going to get a box tomorrow. Great idea about "quality" chocolates for baskets.
Love you! DM