Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chop Chop ... no need to wait!

I think DS's favorite foods are steamed rice and teriyaki chicken. I am not too surprised since DH and I are both very fond of all Asian cuisine too. We actually just got back from our favorite Friday night family dinner place, Mitsui. (Click here if you are interested in reading a Blogsite about our favorite Sushi restuarant, and it isn't our favorite just because we can walk there!)

My fun loving Dad taught us at a very young age how to use chopsticks. I still eat all Asian cuisine with chopsticks, I know what you're thinking, I should be thinner, LOL!

When I saw these adorable Chopstick Kids I was envious. They are soooo much hipper and cuter then the folded up paper wrapper and rubber bands my Dad used when teaching us. It almost makes me want to learn how to use chopsticks again. Since DS hasn't quite mastered the spoon yet I think we are going to have to wait just a bit on these Chopsticks. But when the time comes he will use Chopstick Kids!

I know what your thinking, why does she always post about kids?! Well, I am also going to include something for the adults. I was thinking how fun it would be to host a fun Dinner Party and include chopsticks for your guests. But since you don't want anything to clash with your linens I thought these ones would work great for anyone. They are traditional Japanese Chopsticks with a "twist"?! I also found the perfect set for those dinner party guests that don't quite know how to use Chopsticks? Include a set of the "Rookie Chopsticks" from Sur La Table.

Oh and for the record, although I am very fond of Asian Cuisine my first love is Mexican Food and instead of Chopsticks to eat your rice (& beans) you use tortillas and that is why I am not-so-thin. Haha


Gavin&TrentsMommy said...

Oh...what a great find for the kids! Your blog totally makes me want to have a chinese dinner party. Now point me in the direction of some good recipes. Or is take out the way to go?

Lora said...

Mmmm, you've got me wanting Thai food now! I love the chopsticks, we'll have to get some for Lily soon!

Christy said...

I hadn't even thought about teaching Etta to use chopsticks, but I think we'll have to get her some training chopsticks when we move to Japan. It is fun watching little ones eat with them when some grown ups can't!