Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You should have come when you were pregnant?

Location: Nordstroms Women's Lounge

I am feeding DS the rest of his lunch (veggies and chicken). Another woman is sitting next to me breastfeeding her 7 week old baby. She asks me how old is my DS?

Me: He is almost 14 months.
Her: Oh, I have a 22 month old girl.
Me: Where is she today? (because I admire women that have children so close in age & still able to do it all).
Her: She is at Preschool.
Me: Oh, nice, where does she go? (continuing the small talk in the lounge since DS is taking his time with his chicken bites)
Her: XYZ Preschool (don't remember the name) in Huntington Beach but I really wanted her to go to ABC Preschool (again, don't remember the name) in Huntington Beach but they didn't have room for her. I started calling when she was your son's age. They told me I should have came in when I was pregnant and put her on the wait list then. Have you started looking?
Me: No, not yet. (I leave it at just a No as I don't want to get into my views on Preschool and how I am undecided if I will even send him to Preschool and I definitely don't mention to her *whispering now* that I might even want to home school when he is school age.)

So, it got me thinking, what am I going to do? I know other parents with children DS's age have already been thinking about this and touring schools. I am still undecided but have now started to explore my options more.

3 days later I get an email from a wonderful Mommy friend (CD) with this wonderful website. I wanted to pass along the resource:


I was thrilled to find out that the school across the street (the one that I hear the bell ring from several times a day) is a TOP rated school in the country and received all 10's! Check out the website if you are looking into schools, summer camps, and more!


KR said...

What a great site! Thanks for sharing!

kmonkey said...

Guess what? You sound like me! I am seriously considering homeschooling my children. Thanks for that site though (Kolt may be in preschool half days while I finish school)

AndreaV said...

My current babysitter and I were just talking about this today. She knows someone who has her unborn children on a waiting list at a private school! Crazy!

I, too, am considering homeschool, but I'm not sure DH will go for it. If not homeschool, private school. I work in the public schools! LOL

kmdoroshow said...

eeek! jacki's school wasn't even on the site! probably because she's only three (almost) and it's little preschol. however, it did make me think twice, or maybe even thrice about sending her to a certain elementary school.

Lora said...

Thanks for the site info! I'm in denial about Lily growing up, so I just bookmarked it for now :)

Christy said...

I too have thought about homeschool and I will depending on where we are living and how old the girls are. Since finding out about the upcoming move to Japan,I really want to put Etta in a Japanese preschool so she can learn more of the language. Itis funny that some preschools have such a long waiting list, who would have thought to come in while being pregnant?!