Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bonus time .... Target here I come!

Prior to DH and DS being in my life, my Annual Bonus was a time for me to get in the car and head to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA. I would hit up all the designer stores and spend hours "trying on" purses and deciding which designer purse looked best on me. It was great fun but now most of those designer purses sit empty in the closet next to my DH's lonely tennis racket.

Like many SAHM's I now look forward to Annual Bonus time so .... I can splurge at Target!!! (Boy, have times changed). Yesterday and today I spent time (not hours and hours though because who has hours and hours when you have a Toddler?!) looking over the best plastic containers to organize toys, markers, cars, plastic bowls, wooden intruments and more.

I choose the Rubbermaid Revelations collection. I bought several sizes to fit the various objects I am trying to organize. The entire collection (every size) is on sale at Target this week. I love that they are clear so I can quickly see what is inside with out opening the lid. My DH thinks Rubbermaid makes the best quality for this type of storage product and since I couldn't find a specific rating for that category on Consumer Reports (those that know me I am sure are not surprised I checked there first, LOL) I agreed with him. Oh and I should mention - Consumer Reports does rate Rubbermaid "food storage containers" one of the best. If you are ready to get a jump start on your Spring cleaning/organizing head to Target before the sale is over!!!

I think DH will be happy that I choose to spend part of his Bonus at Target rather then South Coast Plaza, don't you agree?!?! :)

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kmonkey said...

Woohoo! SAHMs can certainly appreciate a good deal on storage containers. I have been needing something similar... I might trek across town tomorrow and get something. Oh yeah! I completely dedicated a blog to you on myspace... check it out!