Friday, March 02, 2007

"No Wonder" I thought coloring was so messy

We are getting ready to go to sleep at the W Hotel in Westwood, CA after having dinner at the Geisha House in Hollywood and my dear friend from college (DG-M) asks about DS's latest activities. (10 years ago we would have been talking at 3am about the hot guys we saw at the Club but since times have changed, we chat about our kids & hubby's after having a martini at The W Hotel Lounge). I tell her we have been playing with markers ... teaching him how to hold them and color with them. Having two girls that were once DS's age she quickly replies "Gosh, that must be so messy unless you are using Color Wonders.". I just as quickly reply, "What!!? This activity has definitely been messy."

The next day while she is searching the store across the street from Jerry's Famous Deli for a souvenier to bring back to AZ for her two beautiful girls she buys my DS Color Wonders (do I even have to say she is so generous and so sweet?!).

My tables, walls and most importantly his mouth and clothes have been saved. If you have a Toddler, these are a must. The color only shows up on their special paper. Leave it to Crayola to come up with these. They also carry fingerpaints.

And I just thought I was smart for buying the "washables". (By the way, the picture is pre-Color Wonders in case you were wondering!)


Lora said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I like it and I'll check in often :)

DM said...

I'm so glad DS loves them and his mommy too!

kmdoroshow said...

lmbo! i can imagine a one year old with real markers! i still try to keep 'em away from jacki. the color wonders are, well, wonderful. just a hint, unless they've changed the colorwonder fingerpaint, you may want to wait. i got some for jacki when she was almost two. it has the consistency of soft chapstick, and she was digging it out of the container with her fingers. it ended up being very messy, just not a colorful mess.