Monday, March 12, 2007

Tiny feet but he's no dancer

Every day at least one Mommy (or Daddy) comments on my DS's shoes. The comment most often heard is "they are so cute, where did you get them?".

If you have a boy I don't need to explain to you how wonderful it is to find something that is "so cute" for a boy. If you don't have a boy, let me explain. Shopping for a boy goes something like this: You go to your local children's boutique, you know, the one with all those adorable clothes in the window. You surely know you have to find something really cute in there for a boy and you are now willing to spend any price to get that cute outfit you have been dying for (one that doesn't say "My Little Slugger" or "I Love Trains". But you walk in and 90% of the store is filled with the most adorable girl clothes you have ever seen and the other 10% is the boy clothes you saw in the window and guess what, the size you need is sold out. Or maybe you head to an ever so popular Children's Clothing Store that is having the best sale ever to stock up on summer play clothes but you can't seem to figure out what sale rack is for boys out of the ten sale racks you see for girls. (oh, by the way, that is because there is no sale rack for boys, there is only a few sale items stuck in between the girl's).

Now you understand why I am so excited about these shoes. He walks wonderful in them, they are made well and they are stylish. They are made by ECCO. They are all leather & nubuck, soft, light weight, and very flexible. If you have ever owned a pair of ECCO'S you already know all this. I bought a pair that I wore every day on our European honeymoon which is why I didn't hesistate when the salesman recommended these for an early walker. I bought them at the Newport Bootery in Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA). I know Nordstroms also carries them and other retailers. DS has the "Hide and Seek"Fisherman style but I am already tempted to get him another pair. I am leaning towards the "Jack Trailblazer" or maybe the "Raptor Dino" for summer. You will not be disappointed in these shoes. DS has worn these every day for over a month and they still look fantastic. Trust me, he has definitely put these shoes to the test.

(Author's Note: It might not be the best picture but I couldn't resist showing the sand sprouting out of DS's Ecco Hide and Seek Fisherman shoes).


traceemullen said...

As you know, I LOVE Ecco's. DH said the ones I chose for him at Christmas are the most "comfy shoes ever" And I wear mine all the time *casual ones AND the dressy ones* Thanks for the tip....didn't know they sold shoes for kids!

kmonkey said...

I know what you mean about it being difficult to find cute boys clothes! I just spent $46 on a pair of stride rites for Kolt a month ago (well, we used nanas money). We got him the tan and brown doodles and I love them. I look forward to him needing new shoes because they are the most fun to shop for for boys :)

DM said...

I need to look for these for myself. No need for baby shoes these days!

kmdoroshow said...

boys clothes are hard to find. especially if that boy is food-accident prone, or his sister is (mine happen to be). so, no white things for us. i'm probably the mom with the messy kids at the mall. well, one would be messy, the other dressed up to within an inch of her life in mismatching princess gear. i envy your clean, cutely dressed lil lu!