Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Godly Thanks

Yesterday before dropping L off at Preschool for their Thanksgiving celebration we talked about all the things we are thankful for. High on his list were chocolate, Daddy and strong muscles. While he was listing off many things to me he stopped, looked at me and said, "but God gave us all those things," long pause, "we should be thankful for God.". And to think, I was just recently having bad mother guilt over not always saying grace before dinner but then I hear this from my near four-year-old and it reminds me to be thankful for God in our lives every day - both big and small.

... hand washed car on the weekends by DH and L

... a big loud "muah" every time E gives me a kiss

... Diet Coke at lunch time (is it ONLY lunch time?!)
... dresses that always fit comfortably even when you haven't lost the baby weight ...yet!

... C's squinty left eye when she smiles REALLY big

... Grandparents on both sides that love our children as much as we do

... children that love their two sets grandparents as much as their parents

*ahhh, just a very small sample of my many Godly blessings*

Happy Thanksgiving 2009! Last year's Pilgrim and Turkey are HERE and HERE!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The First Graduation

While there seems to be much debate over when exactly a newborn becomes an infant I typically go with the 3 month mark and today marks that occasion for little Miss C. She started off her Graduation Day by sleeping for an entire 9 hours uninterrupted (can I hear a woo hoo!) and then continued her day by celebrating as all 3rd children must do ... tagging along to her sister's music class and then her big brother's swim lessons. But the entire day won't be lost on her older siblings today, we will have her all to ourselves tonight as the big kids are spending the night at Grammy and Papa's home. Tonight, on her graduation evening, she will receive our undivided attention as she sticks her tongue out, makes bubbles, coos loudly and squints one eye while smiling directly into our eyes. We are the lucky ones.

Psalm 4:7

You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Daring Darling

E is quite fearless which is in sharp contrast to her older brother L. She will climb to the highest jungle gym at the park, slide down the tallest slide, pet the biggest dog, feed hungry sheep ... and what ever else looks amusing at the moment!!! Today's adventure to Irvine Regional Park was no different then a typical adventure that requires a little risk on their part. E immediately answered "yes" when we asked if they wanted to ride the ponies before taking a ride on the train. L on the other hand had some questions before answering and had to assess the risk:

L: "Do they bite?"

DH: "No, they don't bite. They are nice ponies.".

L: "but they have teeth, right Daddy?".

DH: "Yes, they have teeth.".

L: "If they don't bite why do they have teeth Daddy? You put your hand in their mouth first so I can see.".

DH to me: "Only E for the pony rides today"

Saturday, November 07, 2009


DH has been a long time friend with the (now) big wig (aka: President) over at Henry Wine Group and it certainly has its perks (besides his wit, intelligence and guitar skills of course!). Do you need to ask what I am referring to? I think the above picture speaks for itself. :-) We are very excited to try our new collection of wine and discover some new great finds. In the meantime, I must mention a great Costco wine find just in time for your Thanksgivng meal: The Sanford Pinot Noir for $30.99. It will go perfectly with your Thanksgiving feast all your guests will enjoy ... and if you are not hosting Thanksgiving at your home (thank goodness the family of three young kids is not) it will make a perfect hostess gift all the dining guests can enjoy!