Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Godly Thanks

Yesterday before dropping L off at Preschool for their Thanksgiving celebration we talked about all the things we are thankful for. High on his list were chocolate, Daddy and strong muscles. While he was listing off many things to me he stopped, looked at me and said, "but God gave us all those things," long pause, "we should be thankful for God.". And to think, I was just recently having bad mother guilt over not always saying grace before dinner but then I hear this from my near four-year-old and it reminds me to be thankful for God in our lives every day - both big and small.

... hand washed car on the weekends by DH and L

... a big loud "muah" every time E gives me a kiss

... Diet Coke at lunch time (is it ONLY lunch time?!)
... dresses that always fit comfortably even when you haven't lost the baby weight ...yet!

... C's squinty left eye when she smiles REALLY big

... Grandparents on both sides that love our children as much as we do

... children that love their two sets grandparents as much as their parents

*ahhh, just a very small sample of my many Godly blessings*

Happy Thanksgiving 2009! Last year's Pilgrim and Turkey are HERE and HERE!

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KR said...

Love it! My L said the thing she was grateful for this year was God too! C said Mom and Dad so thankfully we were covered too! So sweet to hear what they think isn't it?