Saturday, November 07, 2009


DH has been a long time friend with the (now) big wig (aka: President) over at Henry Wine Group and it certainly has its perks (besides his wit, intelligence and guitar skills of course!). Do you need to ask what I am referring to? I think the above picture speaks for itself. :-) We are very excited to try our new collection of wine and discover some new great finds. In the meantime, I must mention a great Costco wine find just in time for your Thanksgivng meal: The Sanford Pinot Noir for $30.99. It will go perfectly with your Thanksgiving feast all your guests will enjoy ... and if you are not hosting Thanksgiving at your home (thank goodness the family of three young kids is not) it will make a perfect hostess gift all the dining guests can enjoy!

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KGplus3 said...

I want a friend like that!!! AND I wanna me invited to THAT tasting party! ;-)