Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Daring Darling

E is quite fearless which is in sharp contrast to her older brother L. She will climb to the highest jungle gym at the park, slide down the tallest slide, pet the biggest dog, feed hungry sheep ... and what ever else looks amusing at the moment!!! Today's adventure to Irvine Regional Park was no different then a typical adventure that requires a little risk on their part. E immediately answered "yes" when we asked if they wanted to ride the ponies before taking a ride on the train. L on the other hand had some questions before answering and had to assess the risk:

L: "Do they bite?"

DH: "No, they don't bite. They are nice ponies.".

L: "but they have teeth, right Daddy?".

DH: "Yes, they have teeth.".

L: "If they don't bite why do they have teeth Daddy? You put your hand in their mouth first so I can see.".

DH to me: "Only E for the pony rides today"

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KGplus3 said...

Wow- that's awesome how brave she is. Or is it? lol I love how Luther weighs it all out first. Funny.