Saturday, January 12, 2008

Facing Fear

DS is afraid of heights, so is DH. I have always been a little afraid of heights too but not in the debilitating way I was when pregnant with him. I would even exit one off-ramp earlier to avoid an overpass near our home. It was crazy. Now I must admit I am not too uncomfortable with his fear. I love being able to sit at the park and not worry that my Toddler is going to run right to the top and tumble down one of the open spaces. I enjoy taking a sip of my water while I see other Mom's rushing to try to catch, stop, yell, yank on their brave toddlers before going over the edge.

However, I have been quite proud (& a bit surprised) at how brave and courageous he has gotten in the last couple weeks. 85% of the time he still asks, "Mommy come too" when venturing to the top (which is still much better then the "no, no, no" he used to say when I asked if he wanted to go up) and the other 15% of the time he will brave it with Mr. Brown Bear only (if you look closely you will see Mr. Brown Bear in his hand). I am one proud Mommy ... okay, so it takes a little to make Mommy proud! :)

My DH is so afraid of heights I think he even got a little nervous when I just showed him this picture but like Mommy, DH was also quite proud (& surprised) of our little guy facing his fear.

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