Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Clutter Control Calling

I thought about asking our priest if you still have to make a New Year's resolution if you're pregnant? I mean, I don't have to fast, I get to eat meat on Fridays during lent ... so don't you think pregnant ladies should get a pass on having to make resolutions for the New Year?!?!

Okay, I think I am joking , I mean, at least only half-way joking! :) But at least I know I definitely don't have to include the obligatory resolution of losing 15 lbs. So this year I searched for the next best thing ... instead of losing weight, I will lose things. To be specific ... things creating clutter around me. I started this project a few days ago by first attacking my closet and have already made one drop off at The Goodwill but now that I am on a roll I am anxious to attack DH's closet next, DS's thereafter and of course there is the kitchen, desk, linen closet, nightstand drawers ... and do a dare say ... GARAGE!!! Actually, I think GARAGE should be on DH's resolution list. I think I will wait to mention that tomorrow though. He was sweet enough to let me take a nap today while he cleaned the kitchen, played with our DS and cooked dinner. Oh and he also reminded me that I got to start the New Year with breakfast in bed ... the best home-made pancakes I have ever had with real maple syrup, mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Happy New Year to me! I think he is just trying to butter me up (yes, pun intended) for the arrival of our new bun in the oven (yes, another pun intended!) ... he knows all too well that I am entering the no-sleep, no-rest zone very soon.

So, please share your New Year's resolutions!!! And I want to hear from all of you this time, I know you're reading, yes, I do have a site meter on here, so please, will you post in the New Year!!! Thanks in advance!

Oh and I do have other resolutions too but I much rather hear yours!


Sharla said...

OK, I'll go first...I have 2 "primary" resolutions. #1 - Be better about keeping in touch with friends & family. In 2007 this took a sharp downturn for me due to being in the throes of new romance (a good thing) plus working up to 70 hrs. a week the first half of '07 (not good) then beginning a new job position for the latter half of '07. #2 - The obligatory lose weight...at the very least, what I gained in '07 due to the aforementioned events. :)

KR said...

Okay so I'm starting to think more and more that we were separated at birth because like you I am in total nesting mode (yet not prego...hmmm?) and am on a cleaning spree! Goodwill here we come!!!!

Deb said...

I have three goals:
1. Work out 3-5 times a week which hopefully will cause some weight lose.
2. To become more educaed by reading more books and the newspaper.
3. And yes, clearing up the mess. I alwyas seem to work on my girls rooms and then I am exhausted but not this year!

Susan said...

I too cleaned out my closet and master bath on New Year's Day and will continue to work my way through the rest of the house. Instead of giving to Goodwill this year, I dropped off 11 bags of used clothing to Laura's House in San Clemente ("ending the silence of domestic violence"). Go to www.laurashouse.org for info.

Lora said...

I think my New Year resolutions are to 1) Find a PT Job so I can spend more time with Lily and 2) eat healthier and live greener and 3) lose some darn weight :)


Just the Sous Chef said...

Thank you so much for posting and responding!!! It is so nice hear from you!!! Just a warning ... my new site is going up and I will be losing all my existing replies but my new site will still have an improved version for comments and responses so please don't stop, it is nice to hear from you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Site meter? I want one of those! Ok...resolution...hmmm...I know I want to get better at my hobby, photography but can that really be a resolution??? I have the same financial resolution every year and that's to pay same debt off! I don't want to exercise or lose weight. Oh, I know, I need to resolve to get a better grasp on laundry! I have piles of clean laundry in my bedroom that stay there!