Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't eat the Tempura!

DS is really into painting now. I am lucky if I can make it to 9:00am before he is asking every 5 minutes if we can paint. I actually don't mind and have been enjoying it myself!

A little tip I learned back in my Preschool teaching days ... add a little dish soap to the Tempura paint to help wash away the paint and alleviate staining. It is not a guarantee but certainly it does help. I did take the time to look it up on-line to verify that it does work since my Preschool teaching days were over 15 years ago, YIKES! Everything I read did verify that it is still a good practice to mix dish soap with Tempura paint to help prevent staining ... also, an additional suggestion, DS's Nina (Godmother) gave him little plastic containers with a paintbrush size hole to dip the brushes in (see picture) to help prevent spilling. They also come with handy lids to help prevent drying (you will still want to use the paint within the next day or so since one the benefits of Tempura paint is that it is dries fast so try your best not to over-pour the Tempura paint from the get-go).

Oh, and I know, my posts have been very kid focused this last month. I have been really focused on spending all my time with DS before his sister arrives soon. I plan on sharing other fun stuff soon!

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