Thursday, April 10, 2008

Moving on ...

It is fitting that we have sold our townhome and moved into our new home during Springtime. The time of the year of rebirth and good-byes. I feel truly happy and blessed to be in a new home with more room and a small yard but can't help to feel the loss of a place that holds so many dear memories to us.

The process of unpacking is long and hard but I find enjoyment in some it. In between all the boxes of neccesities and household items I need to unpack I am getting side-tracked by all the wonderful memories I am stumbling upon, such as, my sororitiy composites, plastic boxes of coins from my travels, big-hair pictures from the '80's, old letters/cards, etc. And if the memories aren't enough, there are those objects that make you wonder - why on earth have I been holding onto Political Science lecture notes from 1991? or a faded .99 cent frisbee? Are they attached to a memory I can no longer recall? Or was it just an over-sight during my past moves? Aw, the joys of moving! Ha!

Happy Springtime, Welcome Change!

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring. ~Bern Williams

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