Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7 down 2 to go

I walked down stairs this morning in my jammies and immediately upon seeing me (before a good morning, before a hello ... ) ...

DS: "Wow, Mommy, your tummy is getting big.".

Me: "I know.".

DS: "Pretty soon the baby is going to break it.".

DS still looking at my tummy in amazement

DS: "And the Dr. is going to have to fix it ... (long pause) ... with tape.".

And to think, I still have 2 months for this tummy to keep growing, I am thinking tape sounds much easier then the working out I have ahead of me ... and besides that, DS is going to still think the baby is in there anyway when he sees how big the post baby tummy is. Oh, the joys of pregnancy.


RK said...

Like father like son. He is convinced anything and everything can be fixed with tape. And he is right!

Anonymous said...

Ah.. that is cute! So great to see you and those darling kiddos today! Can't wait to meet Kingston #3 soon too! xoxo M & boys

Christina said...

I am sure your tummy is cute as ever! Its funny how a child's mind works.