Sunday, July 05, 2009

RED, WHITE and BLUE day!

Once again I must repeat, pregnancy keeps me from blogging as often as I want but before letting another week go by I thought I would at least post some pics from our fun 4th of July in Del Mar. I know, I know - I have missed Father's Day, my birthday (made special by DH and the kiddos), DS's first day of preschool ... and much much more. My hope (too wishful of thinking I am sure) is to go back and blog about those events too.

Until then ... here are some snappy's of our wonderful 4th of July at the beach. Unfortunately I left the DC at home (by accident) - you know the DC, the fancy schmancy Dear Camera that makes me look like a photographer but at least had my little compact in my purse to capture some of the fun (and only some since my compact camera was low on batteries and didn't even make it to our bbq/smores/firework fun!).

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day too! If you are interested in seeing the wee ones the last couple Independence Days you can click HERE and HERE - my how they have grown!

DH and DS on the right and leading the charge across the street to the beach with all our sand toys, umbrellas, chairs, coolers and more (yes, we were beyond excited to spend the day/night at my sister's Del Mar beach house ... just steps away to the beach):

DS spent the entire day playing in the sand - digging holes, building sand castles, jumping, running, splashing ... let's just say, he had a WONDERFUL 3 hour nap before fireworks!:

DD was right there with DS playing all day in the sand (including long nap as well ... and that was after a short one on the beach too!):

The last picture before the compact camera died (the battery actually died while taking this picture and wasn't even sure I had gotten it until getting home and checking the memory card). The kiddos cleaned up and ready for BBQ time, smores and then off to watch the big firework show at the beach displayed from the Del Mar Fair (they LOVED it!):

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Christina said...

That sounds like the perfect July 4th! Little E is so gorgeous with her hair growing out. Love it!