Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keeping it together!

DS started preschool. It is officially a 7 week summer school program only two days a week but it is at the same school he will attend in the Fall - again, only two days a week.

It has been a very positive experience and he has not had any problems adapting to being in a social environment of 12 peers. His teachers (one teacher, one aide) have had nothing but wonderful things to say about my sweet boy. Is Mommy surprised? I wish I could say no but I must admit I worried and hardly slept the night before his first day - would he be happy? would he be well liked? will he remember to use his manners? will he push the others kids when he is frustrated like he will do with his sister at home? will he cry when I leave? will he eat? will he go potty there? will he play with the other kids or keep to himself? will he think I am abandoning him? oh, the list goes on and on ... But if you're a parent you already know about the crazy things we parents worry about.

But, WOW, was I happy when the only tears shed on the first day were mine (& I think I can honesty say ... only mine, didn't see one other Mommy cry that morning ... or maybe they waited until they got to the car, but really, you can't expect a pregnant Mommy to have that kind of control?!)

He tells me funny stories about his day - like how he "went on the see-saw with the little boy who has a funny little mouth and was wearing a red shirt, he is funny, they pretended to fall off the see-saw and got pretend bruises all over". AND "how most the kids eat their junk food before their healthy foods at lunch time." AND "how he and the little girl played in the sand and made humpty-dumpty fall off the wall." AND ... he will sing to me his good-bye song with hand motions, "it is that time, it is that time ..." while pointing to a pretend watch on his wrist. And ... I cry all over again ... I just can not believe, he goes to preschool already?!

Along with all the cute stories that come home with him are they many many projects. So many that DH finally told me few days ago that there was NO more room on the refrigerator to display these projects. I decided a clear plastic box would be perfect. My first thought was to let him pick out some sort of stylish, fun, colorful box for him to store his projects in but my second thought was that is would seem like we were just "putting it away" but using a clear see-through one like this one would still feel like we were displaying them - still proudly in-sight with out having them all over our refrigerator. Of course, I got the Rubbermaid (new & improved) Revelations brand because I still stand by THIS POST. Out of all the plastic bins I have been given with hand-me-downs THESE are the ones that don't crack, lids don't droop and have the best size options. For his projects I choose the NEW & IMPROVED REVELATIONS with LATCHING in 16.7x13.3x5.3 inches - basically, slightly larger then construction paper (what many of his projects come home on) and over 5 inches of depth so there is plenty of room for all those papers/pictures/paintings but not too big that it easily fits in a cupboard or closet. If you are in need on new storage bins the new version says "Latching Revelations".

DS was so proud when I gave it to him after preschool this week and told him it was a special place for all his wonderful preschool projects. We gathered all his projects off the fridge and he proudly put them all in the plastic bin by himself ... then he went running around the house looking for "more preschool projects to put in there.". Mission Accomplished!

I also thought this will be a fun way to revisit together and "open" often to go through all the wonderful things he has learned and created. And he even wanted to bring it to "Omi and Opa's house yesterday to show them all his projects.".

**Pictured above: DS on his first day of summer school**


KGplus3 said...

Ahhhhh, such a proud Mommy! I too can't believe he's in pre-school. Makes ME wanna cry too! Love storage box idea of keeping all his treasures. Xoxo

RK said...

Two things about the storgage box. First, we're going to need a three car garage if we are going to continue to fill it at the current pace. Second, the little girl is ALL OVER that thing, and it is only a matter of time before she breaks in and destroys the contents (much to the annoyance of her brother).