Monday, August 24, 2009

House of Questions

Our house has been filled with many questions lately ....

  • What is that on her belly button?

  • Why is she so small?

  • When is she going to talk?

  • How can she walk if her legs are so little?

  • What are boobies?

  • Why can't she eat this?

  • Why is she bald?

  • Did the Doctor help you get her out?

  • Why is she sleeping again?

... and they keep coming!!!

Because, YES, our newest princess has arrived ... pictured above with her big sister (not the sibling asking all the above questions but the sibling wanting to point out each of her sister's body parts with great force ... causing us to quickly intervene when she goes for "baby's eyes, nose and head" ... we are quite proud DD#1 can correctly name all her body parts but kind of wishing we only taught her toes, feet and knees!)


KGplus3 said...

I've been anxiously awaiting a new blog. :-) That made me laugh about E. So funny. Love that pic. I have to fwd u the one I got of C & Sara. So cute. Hope you're doing well. Big hugs!

Brooke said...

Awww! She's beautiful, Tracy! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I have also been checking to see when the littlest princess would make here blog debut. Can't wait to see her again. SDT