Monday, August 31, 2009

Ojo de Dios

DS: "Mommy, how does God watch over all of us?".

Me: dead silent as I try to think quickly on my (sleep deprived) feet and half closed eyes.

DS continues: "Does he have a really, really, really, really long window?"

And because he is the last child I am trying desperately to get down for a nap today so Mommy can have just one minute to eat lunch before his baby sister wakes up to nurse ... AGAIN!!! I simply answer, "Yes.".

**pictured above, the "men" of the house**


RK said...

Your setting him up for failure in CCD.

Anonymous said...

I think that answer certainly sufficed for the time being. LOL!! Hope you are getting some sleep. :) Looking forward to seeing the clan next Wed. when we bring dinner over. SDT