Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who doesn't like First Birthday parties?!

So DS (Darling Son) has now officially been to 5 "First Birthday" parties. Not too shabby for a kid that isn't even 13 months yet.

As with most First Birthday parties: The adults out numbered the children. The food was pizza. The cake was white not chocolate. The child entertainer sung songs in an animated way only certain people feel comfortable doing. The Birthday Girl wore a fancy dress.

But what wasn't usual for a First Birthday: The Birthday Girl was happy the entire time. She never cried. She stayed awake. She ate her cake. She didn't hit her head, fall down or ruin her outfit. She was a perfect angel. But we were not surprised, we love her so much.

A site that saved us a litle money on our over-priced DS's First Birthday Party (aren't all First Birthday parties over-priced?!) was WOW, almost as bad as Target though .... so many cheap things and great deals you can't check out of the web site with out spending a $100! :) But if you are looking for some fun (inexpensive) ways to add to the theme of your child's Birthday party you must look there. We got race car pinatas, checkered flag toothpicks for the cupcakes, chocolate cars, racing car playing cards and more. (I added the link to the left hand side under "links").

PS DS was most excited about the cookies he got to take home.

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