Sunday, February 25, 2007

So what is so great about hanky panky?

Oh please, you didn't think I would talk about that on a family friendly site? Seriously, did you?

I am talking about those wonderful panties my girlfriends told me I had to get. Who would have thought that a House Wife/SAHM needed a pair of $18 undies?! And who would have known that my Cosabella underwear were already "so last year". LOL!

DH was all on board with me buying these $18 panties once I told him I would use the Nordstrom gift card I still had from my sweet In-Laws (well, I think it was that and the combination of the name of the panties that intriqued him. LOL!). But really, $18 panties for a Mommy that spends most her time going to the Park and cleaning up goldfish off the ground.?!? I must admit, I was skeptical but since I trust my two great gal pals that recommended them so highly, I went out and bought a pair the next day.

So, are they worth all that?

YES!!!!!! They are wonderful. They don't get twisted, they are SUPER soft & comfy, they don't show panty lines but best of all (for my child bearing body) - the don't squish the fat on your sides because they are soft wide stretchy lace on the sides.

My DH used this site to buy my Cosabella's (so last year) for my Christmas stocking. They are a bit cheaper then Nordy's, you also save on tax and they ship quickly. They carry all the colors. Check them out at A Brief Affair. I chose the low ride thongs but they have many styles & colors to chose from.

So ladies, single and married, go get yourself some "Hanky Panky" tonight, you will not be disappointed.


kmonkey said...

Man, I thought this was going to be about sex! DARN... but, if you say they are great I might have to talk Kyle into letting me get a pair of $18 panties!!

KR said...

Aren't they just the best????

kmdoroshow said...

they look nice and comfy. i think that mommies are the ones that most deserve nice underware. i mean, if we have to spend the day covered in dried banana with a stray cheerio in our hair, we should look nice underneath our clothes, right?