Sunday, February 25, 2007

To "lovey" or not to "lovey"?!

DS's love for "Mr. Brown Bear" grows stronger every day.

Is this normal?

Is this healthy?

These are questions I started to ask myself recently as he becomes more and more attached to his lovey ("Mr. Brown Bear"). At one year old he already says "brow brow" when he wants him or he can't find him. Mr. Brown Bear comforts him when he goes to sleep at night, takes a nap, falls down, faces backwards alone in the back seat, goes some where new, spends the night at Grammy & Papa's house, and more! It is his best friend.

I must say after reading more and talking to other mother's that have children with loveys (Georgie, Brother and Baby) I am feeling much better about it and fully support this lovey thing. I say let your child "lovey". The professionals even call it a "milestone". It is a step towards your child learning how to "self soothe" themselves and handle transitions/changes easier.

How many Mr. Brown Bears do we own? Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell DS! We have FOUR! These things get brought every where and are constantly in his mouth. so I am washing several a day to keep them clean. Except for his occasional over night stays at Grammy's house, he only gets one. We keep the others hidden. But at Grammy and Papa's house he has two. I guess if you are going to spoil your Grandchild there is no better way then giving him TWO Mr. Brown Bears at once. Boy, does he love it!

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To lovey or not to lovey .... what do you think?


kmonkey said...

I say if it keeps him happy through the mall, church, carrides, bumps and bruises... a lovey is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Now, we have to get Kolt to realize his dino blankie can't be his lovie (its double fleece becuase we keep our house cool). You have any ideas how to get him to show affection for the lambie or another object? lol

adriannasmommy said...

Adrianna has a lovey made by the same people. Hers is a pink dolphin. We have 3!! She is constantly chewing or sucking on the poor dolphins tail. So we rotate and wash...a lot!! I love that she has something that makes her feel secure. I'm not gonna lie. I still sleep with the same pillow and pillow case I had when I was 5, I'm almost 30. It is old and holey but I don't care. LOL!

So I say keep the lovey!!