Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Purple Craze

Yesterday I was overly engaged with watching two young girls in front of me purchase a pair of shoes at a department store. First off, I noticed them because they were so pretty. No make-up, sweat pants, flip flops, hair in pony tails. They were so plain and simple yet they looked incredibly beautiful. Oh, how I longed for those good ol' days when looking presentable required little effort. Secondly, I continued to watch them because I was completely entertained with the following conversation they had with the salesgirl:

Girl A looked at Girl B and said, "I love them because they are the same shoes everyone has right now but everyone else has black."

Girl B responded, "well, then get them if you like them.". Girl A was obviously still debating whether this was a good choice.

Girl A then turns to the cashier and asks, "do you think they're cute?".

The young (& also pretty) cashier responds, "well ... I think they're cute because they are purple and purple is sooo in right now ... but ... I am not sure how long purple will be in?".

Girl A quickly turns to Girl B and says, "see, I told you, I am definitely getting them now.".

Oh, how I got such a giggle out of this. In fact, I think I even giggled out loud because Girl B turned around and looked directly at me (& I know it wasn't to admire my outfit even though I actually tried yesterday).

I am not sure what I found funny. Was it the fact that she focused on how so in they were and not a care in the world that it may go out of fashion quickly with hardly a chance to wear them? Or did I find this conversation so amusing because I once was there - right there, at the cash register, debating an overly trendy item, that I almost always decided to buy, just to later give away after only wearing once because it was no longer sooo in? Nope, I think I know why I found this conversation so amusing. It is because I am there. Right. Now. Yes, I too have been bitten by the purple craze. And guess what?! I am not young like these pretty girls.

In fact just last night I was debating the purchase of this dress.

And I already own a look alike to this sweater from J Crew.

And I want one of these (in purple).

And I bought something similar to this from The Limited.

Oh, and for the record, unlike the young girls above I will be wearing my purple far too long and into the next trend because that is what we do at our age ... plus I find this purple craze far too pretty to let go too quickly. I guess we do mature with age, right?!


KGplus3 said...

I LOVE purple! And lucky we both look good in it. ;-) That dress is gorgeous!! I wish you'd buy it AND I could fit/borrow it. lol

Christina said...

Wow...I was clueless about the purple craze. Now I need to get something quick before it's out of style! I love it when you post about shopping!