Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Giving Tree

A week before Christmas I took DS shopping to get gifts for those on his list.

Me: "We are going to Target so you can get a Christmas gift for your baby sister.".

DS: "I want to go to Target."

Me: "What would you like to get your baby sister for Christmas.".

DS: "Toys."

Me: "What kind of toys?"

DS: "Her own toys.".

The conversation was followed by a trip to Target where he picked out everything he wanted for Christmas so we went home, without anything, to a house where she was playing with all his toys. Humph, I guess he was right, DH and I are the youngest, guess we just thought she was entitled to them. :-)

We did go back to Target the next day as I was now convinced that she really did need her own toys. I helped him narrow it down to 5 things I thought his "baby sister" would like and he was very decisive on which one he wanted to get her (& trust me, I tried to sway him when I realized it was the most expensive of the 5 but he was insistent that she would love that one, "it is pretty and soft.")

On Christmas morning, she gave the biggest smile and squeel when she opened the stuffed golden lab he had choosen for her. It was clearly the winner of the morning and you could even see the excitement in his face as he watched her grab that dog and give him *baby kisses* (you know, the big wet open mouth ones). Satisfied that he had done good, he turned back around to continue playing with his new tool kit ... as soon as his back was turned, she lunged over, grabbed one of his shiney new match box cars and gave an even bigger smile as it went straight into her mouth ....

**lean over quietly, grab camera, snap picture, record first memory of many Christmas morning little-sibling-snatching to come ... I think I might remember some one else's little sister doing the same thing**


KGplus3 said...

Ahhhh, I love that story. Cute cute pic too!!

Anonymous said...

A moment to remember.. and you got the pic to prove it.. so cute!

Anonymous said...

A moment to remember.. and you got the pic to prove it.. so cute!
Happy 09~! xo Michelle, J & boys

Charming Cards said...

Hi! I am trying to figure out how to contact you (can't find an email address on your blog) to let you know you won my contest! Email me at