Friday, July 30, 2010

The don't exist any more!

So does anyone even come by this lonely blog any more? Well, I mean, of course, besides my DH?! :-)

Where have we been?! We hit summer and have been running, running, running ... Vacation Bible School, birthday parties, beach days, summer school, swim lessons, swim lessons and swim lessons ... and that brings us to our Summer 2010 "Bucket List". Yep, I had the kids create a Summer 2010 "Bucket List". I woke up one day and realized summer is almost over ... WHAT?! ...yep, summer is almost over and before it completely gets away from us I want to make sure it leaves a lasting impression on my wee ones. Soooo, the Summer 2010 Bucket List was created and posted down stairs for all to see. Just creating it with an almost 2 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old was entertaining (& no, didn't push the almost one year old C to participate in the creation of the list but she of course will be participating in the activities).

E being my adventurous & over the top dramatic one has asked amongst other things to to see Dinosaurs, to see big bears and .... go out to a pasta dinner. So, yes, go out to the Pasta Dinner was placed on the list and let me tell you, we were amazed at how clearly and accurately she is able to communicate to us what she wants. This girl was BEAMING from the moment we walked into The Old Spagetthi Factory in Newport Beach until the very end after finishing up her ice cream with chocolate sauce. She LOVED "going out to a Pasta dinner" and found the historic & iconic Old Spaghetti Factory in Newport Beach even more entertaining then I even hoped for (can it be considered historic and iconic if it has been there as long as I can remember ... at least, 25 years?). And since L doesn't eat pasta - not with cheese, not with butter, not with sauce, not ever we made sure it wasn't a complete bore for him by cruising the Newport Beach pier first and checking out all the fish, walked in and out of the cable car located inside the restuarant and talked up the ice cream he will receive after eating his grilled cheese (after all these years it has always stuck in my memory that ALL meals included ICE CREAM, WOW, what a treat for a kiddo!!!).

Working our way down the long "Bucket List" ....

- Get Star Wars balloons

- Play a Mickey Mouse game

- Go to Chuck E. Cheese

... and the list continues.

Happy Summer All!


KR said...

So fun! We're working our way down ours "movie night" and like E we requested noodles but wanted ours for! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi... Miss you all. and the blog.. looks great!!! Okay so funny.. we did a "Bucket list too".. on our list..
Universal Studios, Wild animal park, Big Bear, Fishing with Papa ... which we all checked off... we now still need to get to Lego Land and Catalina.. as you can see we are all about the STAYCation! Love you friend! xo
Michelle & boys

Ride Operator said...

Thanks for the great idea! You've inspired me to do a bucket list too. Although I'm afraid of what might be added to the list. :)

KGplus3 said...

I'm still checking your blog! Now, I just need to blog myself!! lol LOVE the pasta dinner for #. So cute. And one of our fav restaurants. Yum! Keep posting more......

Christina said...

I soooo miss checking your blog! My how the kids have grown and are so amazingly gorgeous!!!!!! Love the bucket list idea. Is it too late for us to do one? Does summer ever really end in Florida or Sunny Cali???

Lindsay said...

I read your blog too! Thanks for the update since Mother's Day, lol =)

This post was adorable! L is THE FIRST child I have EVER heard of that doesn't eat PASTA!?!?!?! That's incredible. My boys aren't crazy about potatoes (not even fries) if that's any consolation, lol.

Having a playdate with you and the kids is on my newly created "things to do before the end of the year" bucket list, lol.