Saturday, April 04, 2009

Rice is the pits!

Me to DS: "We are going to buy rice today for our 'rice pit'.".

DS: "Mommy, that's a Daddy word (lots of laughs in between repeating several times) pit, pit, pit.". (giggle giggle giggle)

Is he a boy or what?! He already finds all those words that suggest smelly stinky things quite funny (you know the ones: fart, (arm) pit, gas, burp, etc.). It reminds me how excited I am for our new baby girl to arrive in August because that means we will out-number them thus hoping to keep the stinky jokes around the house to a minimum. :-)

Thanks to KR for recently sharing the blog Chasing Cheerios. I have found some wonderful ideas for the kids including our new "rice pit". I bought a pink plastic kiddie pool from Toys R Us and filled it with about 7 ten pound bags of rice from Costco (total cost for everything was less then $45.00). Both kids have been having a BLAST and DS has asked to play in the "rice pit" every day since getting it. I added old measuring cups, cleaned/recycled plastic containers and some of their sand toys. Besides being less messy I (& the kids) actually enjoy the texture of the rice better then sand. I bought myself a soft gardening pad to knell next to them to play together (come on - did you really think there would be space for a 3 year old, 1 year old AND a big ol' pregnant lady inside the 'pit - LOL!)


RK said...

This kids love it. If you plan on setting one up make sure you have a leaf blower. Rice is everywhere and th birds aren't keeping up.

KR said...

So glad you found some fun ideas! Do you just drag it into the garage at night or how do you cover it to keep the creepy crawlers out when you're not using it?

Brooke said...

Such a good idea, Tracy! I *loathe* sandboxes, but I know the kids love them, so now I've decided we're also going to do the rice pit!!! *tee hee* I said "pit". LoL

KGplus3 said...

Great idea Trac!!! That sounds fun. Especially considering my girls have yet to touch sand. They'd have little sandboxes floating in their bellies if they did! lol