Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keeping cool in the heat

We recently had record highs in Orange County with it reaching 100 degrees!!!! My little munchkins found relief outside by playing with buckets of water (and yes, as you can see, DD is STRONG and DETERMINED).

Luckily I had just ordered this water play table last week in preperation of summer ... not realizing that we needed it NOW - it couldn't have arrived at a better time! They have enjoyed several days with this too but Mommy forgot to take a picture while doing so but no worries, there will be PLENTY of photo opps in the future. :-) If you are looking for a water table I highly suggest this one and would steer away from the sand/water combos unless you want an EVEN bigger mess to deal with after play time. I also decided to get several plastic art aprons that I can easily take on and off the kiddos when they play with the water table so they don't get their clothes too wet (at least not more then the sun can dry off before coming in, of course, on days like these they were stripped down to little clothing any way). I had DH put up a hook by the garage door to hang to dry and give me easy access to them. I am very pleased with the plastic aprons and they are coming in handy for our "shaving cream" art projects too. I just hose the aprons down afterwards to clean up. If you have never tried this activity, it's a MUST, it provides a lot of (messy) entertainment for active toddlers - the type of (messy) entertainment 3 year old boys like.

It has cooled down quite a bit and today it is only in the high 60's .... I am hoping the less sunny sky will bring longer naps today. :-)


Just Spotted said...

can you believe that heat? i'm so glad it has cooled down... it's just a touch too early for me. my boys love shaving cream projects too. i love how easy they are to clean up!

xoxo, k

Christina said...

I can't believe it got that hot there. Wow! I love the shaving cream projects. Trent gets to do one tomorrow in his daycare class.

KGplus3 said...

I LOVE that pic of E hauling her buckets. SO cute!!