Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Flippin' Marvelous Mother's Day

I received a wonderful gift from DH, DS and DD for Mother's Day.
Those of you who don't believe an electronic device can be sexy haven't seen the Flip yet. It makes the Nano Ipod look quite plain in my opinion (ok, might be a bit of a stretch but definitely the sexiest video recorder you have ever seen!). Can you tell someone is in love already?!
But the best part, I now have a quick, easy way to record memories of my family - both every day life and special milestones. :-)

Thank you DH, not only for today but for each and every day. You make me feel appeciated and loved every day. I love you to pieces.

**Stay tuned for more updates and pictures this week. I know I am behind on posts. We have been busier then usual (if that is even possible, LOL!)**

Hope you all had a blessed Mother's Day and a special thanks to my own Mother who has always been there for me. I am proud to call you my Mother! I Love You!

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debra said...

Nice gift for a spectacular Mom! So glad you had a nice day. Can't wait for pictures and... videos of your beautiful family :)