Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will work for kinderschokolade!

When pregnant I seem to not take as many pictures of my adorable kids. I assume it is the lack of energy, constant uncomfortable full feeling in my mid section and the waddling that keeps my DC (Dear Camera) in it's bag more often. In fact, it has been about 6 months since I have bribed DS with chocolate to take his picture. The last time I bribed him is HERE. But a few days ago DD was already napping and DS was about 15 minutes away from his nap. I was trying to think of something different (that we didn't already do that day) to kill 15 minutes before nap time.

And then it hit me, what about DH's cousin's recent visit from Germany?! Her recent visit that secured her spot as DS's favorite relative when she immediately upon entering our home gave him a castle of kinderschokolade. (yes, enough for him to immediately build a castle of chocolate taller then himself). If you recall, most of DH's family lives in Germany and last September he fell in love with this special "child chocolate" from the Fatherland .

Without explaination from me, I assume you know what followed. Only this time, after asking him if he wanted to earn some kinderschokolade he responded without any hesitation and I immediately snapped ten fantastic shots of him, all smiling shots with eye contact (3 of the 10 posted above). This not only marks my quickest chocolate for pictures bribe to date but my most successful bribe in general. I know I could have brushed his hair, changed his stained shirt and been more creative with the background but then it wouldn't be us, as is, enjoying a sunny Spring afternoon.


Bridget said...

hilarious. never had that chocolate but I would smile for it too! great shots!

RK said...

He has been MOWING that chocolate. We're going to have to source some additional supply, or we may end up with a full fledged riot on our hands.

Lora said...

Um, I would do almost anything for Kinderschokolade too! I'll smile for ya!

Email me the pics if you want me to photoshop the stains out (if you don't have it, that is). Dude, he is awesome and I'm lovin' your photography skills. Those eyes!!!

KGplus3 said...

Those look like professional shots. Great job. I love that he's a chocoholic- too cute! And I love your bribery for pics! I loving learning from you. lol