Friday, October 03, 2008

KOKO for schoKOlade

Taking the kids to the Fatherland took on an entirely new meaning when we arrived in Germany. Why you ask? I know I have talked about it many times but here it goes again, DS is absolutely crazy over chocolate just like my DH.

Germany has this unwritten rule that you must bring schokolade (chocolate) to a child when you meet him/her. Every Aunt, cousin, and neighbor brought DS a piece (more like pieceS) of schokolade when they came to meet him. The country even has an entire line of popular chocolates designed for children. It is called Kinder Schokolade (translated: child chocolate). It comes in many different forms. The most popular being a chocolate egg and when eaten the child will find a toy inside. These were by far DS's favorite but any and all forms were eagerly accepted and eaten with pure joy.

Of all DH's great qualities, why did this one have to mmmm be mmmmmmmmm pasmmmmmmmmsed mmmmdownmmmmmmm?

What? You couldn't quite understand me? My words were mumbled. Sorry, I was finishing up a piece of dark chocolate with hazlenuts from Germany.

I guess the saying goes, "why fight it, it is much more fun to join them"?! :)

(By the way, yes, the picture above is taken by yours truly. You didn't think I would leave the camera back at the house for a trip to the grocery store did you?!?! The cashier shook her head as if to say, "that crazy American"!)


Lora said...

You have no idea how true this is. Mom is taking Lily again in November to see the family and I'm telling Lily, "you are going to Germany with GG"

Lily "Oh, so I can see Oma?"
Me "yep, so you can see Oma!"
Lily "And so I can get more chocolate"

I almost died!

H.Peter said...

Ah, how I loved this tradition as a child.
And I got the teeth to prove it....

Nice blog


Andrea/Sneaks said...

With have something thats called kinder surprise up in Canada that look exactly the same as those eggs. You MUST have those down in the USA right?!? They have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My Grandparents used to always buy them for me!

cezavitske said...

I was just going to post what Andrea said! Yes we have these in Canada. They are so YUMMY!
We got them as kids, and now my kids get them (for every occasion it seems). You can buy them in every single store around here.
Let me know if you want me to mail you some from Canada!!!

Just the Sous Chef said...

Thank you my Canadian friends for the offer, we actually have a few speciality stores that carry them here (Cost Plus) but we actually came home with quite a few too! I guess us Americans are keeping up with the reputation of white straight teeth because Grandparents, family & neighbors usually bring toys, books, or crayons ... but then again, MIL is a dental hygenist! Ha!