Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The wind beneath my wings

My DD takes the word princess quite seriously. She is now officially 8 months old and still demands to be carried, her toys out of reach to be handed to her and fed as often as she likes.
But, I am proud to say, she has blessed me often with these sweet little words ...

"Mamamama", "mamama", and "mama" with her big 4-tooth grin! Mama responds, "yes Princess? What? You want to chew on my Blackberry again? Here you go.".

Since we haven't been able to add the "crawling" milestone yet I was quick to add the "waves hand" milestone to her baby book the other day until DS asked me yesterday, "why does baby sister flap her arms up and down like a bird when I say Hello?". Oops, so technically that is not a wave?!

**crosses out "waves hand" in baby book and writes "takes after her mother and loves to dance. Already performing Morris Day's The Bird at 8 months"**
and YES, you HAVE TO link and watch the video after the short advertisement HERE, it is SO WORTH IT!

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KGplus3 said...

"O E O E O" Lol That was my fav pic of her too! Such a doll face!! Just love her!!