Monday, January 18, 2010


Recently we took at trip to the Richard Nixon Library to see the Festival of Trains exhibit (thanks KR for the recommendation). And although I had thoughts of exposing my very young kids to a bit of political science (you do know I was a poli sci major in college, right?) it must be known that the history of Richard Nixon was of no interest to them and instead we talked about the color of the house he grew up in, the color of his helicoptor, the type of flowers in the gardens, the bird in the circle, etc. In other words, a more age appropriate lesson then the fact that "Richard Nixon lost to JFK" in 1960 and it is known as one of the closest Presidential races to date.

"What Mommy? Did you say, 'Noggin is lost today'?" says L.

What?! My soon to be 4 year old didn't understand what I said?! Is it time for me to have that discussion already?! You know the one about the left v. the right, the donkeys v. the elephants, ...

Nope, it is time to simply reply, "GREAT rhyme with JFK, darling son!".

*big (proud) smiles from all*
*there will plenty of time for that converstation in the future*

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