Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spirit filled

Everything my little E does is exaggerated ... her kisses are big and wet, her jumps extra bouncy, her run includes a side to side head movement, her hugs snuggle really tight, her smile scrunches her entire face ... ! It was no surprise that when she learned to talk her words would come out extra fast and include an extra syllable. If you don't pay close attention you might miss what she is saying all together as multiple words seem to run right into each other with an extra syllable an "a" here and there:




Oh, and did I mention there is usually a screech and yelp thrown in here and there too?!

**E is pictured above angry because she got caught trying to sneak into the top cupboard for "choc-a-late" ... yes, she did that all on her own and at her young 22 months of age: successfully pushed the table chair, stacked her step stool on top and was trying to climb up so she could reach the choc-a-late because the chair just wasn't tall enough**


Anonymous said...

You'd think L. with his love of chocolate would be doing that - not E.! Maybe he put her up to it?! LOL! What a cute, little angry face. :) SDT

KGplus3 said...

What a smarty pants!! Jeff will die when I show him this! Too funny.