Thursday, April 08, 2010

I've got some bad news

L: "Mommy, I've got some bad news.".

Me: "WHAT?!" (having NO idea where this is going and actually quite frightened to find out and anxiously wondering if it involves his sister?!)

L: "There are two volcanoes that have opened up and erupted."

Me: "Where?" (still not a 100% sure if he knows something I don't as it wouldn't be the first time my little genious tells me something I didn't know)

L: "Not too close but not too far. By the airport.". (I let out a sigh and a smile)

Me: "Do you think we will feel the heat.".

L: "No, I think we are okay, just bad news. Don't you think?"

Where on Earth does this kid come up with these things?!

L is pictured above doing drills in his Martial Arts class. I am quite certain he asked to take lessons so he can learn to fight the Monsters he is currently obsessing over every night.

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