Thursday, May 06, 2010


When raising kids you are often faced with many joys that are also tinged with a bit of sadness. One of those events took place last month. E got her first haircut (Okay, second haircut ... the first was at about at 14 months when L took a pair of scissors to the back of her hair and declared with great excitement that he just "cut his baby sister's hair because it wasn't straight in the back" but since that was nothing more then a little clump in his little bitty 3 year old fingers we will count yesterday's haircut as her first :-)).

I know it looks straighter now, I know it looks cleaner, I know it looks fuller, I know she is 2 years old, I know how proud she is to have her hair cut like her brother, I know I won't even think twice next time she gets it cut, I know her hair still has their cute little curls, I know it is easier to brush it now ... and all that makes me very happy ... BUT her scraggily baby hair at the end is GONE, the hairs that were there when she very first came into our lives and blessed us forever with her energy and that makes me a bit sad. :-(

When I say I am a bit sad when I see my kids pass another milestone some people look at me as if they think I am holding on too strong.

I think ...

you must not be enjoying this current age and stage

you must not see the joy in today

you must think the grass is greener over on the other side

you must think life is all about what is next

Because, if not, you would see that these milestones are truly happy occasions they also have a tinge of sadness while saying good-bye to the past.

I will sure miss that baby hair. :-) BTW, did I also mention she moved to a big girl bed?! Yes, she is growing up and that certainly makes me sad and I am not afraid to say it. :-)


Brooke said...

Awww... it didn't really get to me until I read the part about cutting off the hair that she came into the world with... (totally paraphrased)... I have never thought about it like that! Emma still hasn't had a first hair cut... now I'll be sad when it comes!

KGplus3 said...

Ahhhh, sweet big girl growin up!!! I can imagine how sad that is as I'm dreading cutting Siena's hair too! (Technically tho, I did cut it @ about 1 month cuz she had 1 long sideburn. lol) E, you're as beautiful as ever!