Thursday, October 28, 2010

Highway to Heaven

I know I have said this before BUT I can't go with out saying it again, "I think we might just live in heaven on Earth". Really, just 9.9 miles to the fabulous Bluebird Park in Laguna Beach?!

I just love those days when you wake up, check the calendar and realize you have a day completely open, yes, completely open, nothing on the calendar (until the evening that is, LOL!). I remember thinking when I had just L that it was always a little disappointing to wake up and realize that ... you actually really looked forward to having some where to go, some where to be, some one to meet up with because 12 hours of just staring at each other could get quite lonely (LOL!) but now that I have THREE in tow I actually really (I mean, really really) love these unexpected, unanticipated free days.

Today's free day brought us to a little gem ... Bluebird Park in beautiful Bluebird Canyon Laguna Beach and I should add that it was also a GORGEOUS sunny, clear sky, slight breeze 77 degree day ... really, does life get much better then that?! Why, yes it does ... all 3 kiddos LOVED running around the park, played on all sorts of equipment you typically don't see at parks, ate a nice picnic lunch and NOW two are napping hard and one is busy cleaning up the playroom to earn a dollar**. :-)

(**L currently has 7 dollars in his money clip AKA office clip and would like to buy a new NERF toy and needs 13 more dollars so he has asked what he could do to earn it ... hmmmm, I wonder how far I can get with this one?!?! I think I have some folding to do. wink wink**)

PS If you have seen any of the photo albums I have sent out recently you have probably noticed that L is getting quite good with my dSLR camera. He is also getting pretty good with my little compact Canon too ... photography below by my talented, sweet, fun loving 4 1/2 year old L. If I didn't hate being in front of the camera so much I would say I am out of a job (photography) ... but my love for behind the camera wins (sorry L)!

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KGplus3 said...

What a fun park! I'm so impressed with Luther's photography skills ALREADY! Takin after his Momma. And all of Claire's teeth! So cute!