Monday, February 07, 2011

Monkey see, Monkey swing

It is no surprise that one of E's nickname's is Monkey. She loves to climb, hang on the bars and swing all the time. Pictured above is my little E from this afternoon doing what she loves: swinging. And I have yet to figure out what too high is as she is always yelling, "higher Mommy higher!". I love her spirit and enthusiasm for life ... swinging in the waining sun, wind blowing her pony tail and a big cheesey grin! :-) These are the times you really cherish the 2-somethings - two more weeks and we enter the 3's!!!

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KGplus3 said...

YEAH!!! A new blog! She is SUCH a cutie! And she's the one that taught S&S how to swing on their belly. :-)