Friday, March 25, 2011

The little engine that could

I know I neglect this blog but I know I will never give up. If nothing more than a note here or there it is my life, it is my story, it is my memory that I want to keep alive ... it's of a wonderful life. I life full of busy mornings, busier days and even busier evenings. We are a family of five: one Mommy, one Daddy, one FIVE year old, one THREE year old and one EIGHTEEN MONTH old. We never give up and even with all our busy mornings, days and nights we still make time for our traditional Family Friday Night dinners. I am so happy that in only five years we have already created this wonderful tradition of Friday night dinner's OUT! Tonight we played "I spy" for the majority of dinner (they are getting good at this game, even though some times they need a hint here and there, Mommy can get pretty sneaky) and it couldn't have been filled with more laughter, more smiles, or more love. I love my little family. I love what my DH and I have created. I love that these are the memories we are creating for them.

**Pictured above: my three little monkey's in our hotel bed during our recent fabulous vacation to The Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ ... another "tradition" as I have a pic of all 3 in bed at each of our hotel get-a-ways, I call it our obligatory hotel picture already!!! What do you think they are going to say when they are teenagers and I ask them to pose in their jammies in bed?! LOL! Well, what's tradition good for if it doesn't make your teenage kids *roll their eyes*?! We know they will cherish these as adults, right???

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