Monday, March 28, 2011

Animals in the bath

It has become quite routine around here on a school day. L goes to Pre-K at noon so we don't have too much time to do anything too exciting on those days and often times tend to entertain ourselves around the house (puzzles, coloring, play-doh, etc.) before eating an early lunch and dropping L off at school. Today I wanted to add in some old activities and get a little more variety in our before school routine. It was a thought I had just this morning so to the craft cupboard I went in search of what we already had and saw several bottles of shaving cream I had been neglecting. Let's just say I might have figured out why they have been neglected for the past year! I did not remember what a mess it was ... in fact, I am pretty sure it was not nearly as messy last time or I would have definitely remembered. At least mission accomplished: we included a unique activity we had not done for a long time and one we will likely not do for a long time but one they really enjoyed (until Mommy hit a realization that all of them would need to be changed and cleaned off before school drop off and got a little snappy during clean up).

**Well, after looking at those smiles we just might have to do this again but definitely in summer time when I can just wash them off with the garden hose!

*** oh, by the way, the title of the post "animals in the bath" doesn't mean MY animals ... I hid little plastic farm animals in all the shaving cream for them to find but I can see how some one could come to that conclusion *** wink wink ***


Lindsay said...
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KGplus3 said...

Just seeing this! You are so cute.....and BRAVE!! lol What a fun idea. Love those cuties.