Saturday, April 02, 2011

Raise your hands

More often then not (I am embarressed to say) the DVD is turned on in the car. I did make it a point a few months back to ONLY play educational DVD's (& it is working as all their spelling and reading skills have exploded) and any Disney type movies would only be reserved for long road trips (oh, if dead I would *surely* be rolling over in my grave at just the thought of this!). But Parenthood can certainly challenge you in many ways and make you "eat your words" because I can't recall a time before kids that I would ever say a DVD would or should be played just to take L to Pre-K! *sigh* But, safety first, right? Can you really drive with three whiney, screaming kids ... SAFELY?? I think NOT!

But yesterday, after a long, oh I mean, LOOONNNNGGGG day ... we all enjoyed each others company (IE: NO DVD) on our way to meet Daddy for our weekly Friday night dinner OUT. We played our "raise your hand" game. If you are not familiar with this game, it goes like this ... "Raise your hand if ... (insert what ever you want here).". That is it. Simple. And the kids LOVE it. The best part last night was that C actually is now really participating. At her 18 months of age she would raise a hand here or there and give that devilish smile we all adore. And when this one came ... "Raise your hand if you love your big brother.". She instantly threw up TWO hands in the air and gave a big smile and "yeahhhhh!". To which the big brother responded with a beaming smile and proud eyes, "Wow Mommy, I think two hand means she loves me double-y.". With a bigger smile, "right?". Yep, he is right, his littlest sister adores him ... okay more like AAAAA - D-O-R-E-S him. I love to see these life long relationships unfolding before my eyes *think*breath* take it in*, I will never forget these moments. Will they ever believe at this young of age I knew they would be forever connected? It is an amazing thing ... to create a FAMILY!


RK said...

Nothing makes me more happy than the kids showing their love for each other.

KGplus3 said...

I think ths is my favorite blog yet. Enough said.

CeeJay Nweke said...

WOW! This is the first time I'm seeing someone blogging abt a happy marriage, a happy life and family. I like this! Bookmarking the blog, nd looking forward to more posts - You give the youth like me out there hope that marriages are AWESOME!